Kazz Sasaguchi

1999 MA Fine Art Sculpture, Chelsea Collage of Art and Design, London, UK 1987 BA Architecture, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan Solo Exhibition 2016 "View From Location Zero", 20202, Tokyo, Japan 2012 " un-ei ", Röntogenwerke AG, Tokyo, Japan 2012 " When you lost in the forest? ", 20202, Tokyo, Japan 2007 " white ", ZENSHI, Tokyo, Japan 2003 " HERCULES ", Röntgenwerke, Tokyo, Japan 2002 " Hara Documents 8 omokage -in/visible- ", Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan2002 " Art Scholarship 2001", exhibit LIVE, Tokyo, Japan 2000 " possess ", Habitat Tottenham Court Road, London, UK  Major Group Exhibition 2013 " Clues of the World - Daiwa Collection Ⅵ ", Okinawa Prefectual Museum & Art Museum, Naha, Japan 2012 " The Power of Japanese Contemporary Sculpture ", Aki Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 2011 " Kabukicho Art Site ", Shinjuku Cine.City + Okubo Park, Tokyo, Japan 2009 " Perception and Urban Environments ", Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo, Japan 2008 " 3rd Nanjing Triennale - Reflective Asia ", Nanjing Museum, Nanjing, China 2006 " BEAUTIFUL DREAMER ", Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Sapporo, Japan 2006 " from ON KAWARA to RYAN GANDER", Daiwa Radiator Factory Viewing Room, Hiroshima, Japan 2006 " at / @ ", Shiraya Art Space, Tokyo, Japan 2005 " PUBLICLY SPEAKING ", SSamzie Space, Seoul, Korea / Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan 2004 " Roppongi Crossing - New Visions in Contemporary Japanese Art 2004 ", Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan2004 " Out the Window - Spaces of Distraction ", The Japan Foundation Forum, Tokyo, Japan / Project Space Zip, Seoul, Korea 2003 " 108 ", Ise Cultural Foundation New York Gallery, New York, USA 2002 " All about ties ", gallery skuggi, Reykjavik, Iceland 2001 " rx³ ", Röntgen Kunstraum, Tokyo, Japan  Other Project  2014 " Winter Stars In The Mid Summer Sky ", Entrance Art Work, Ebisu SUBARU Building, Tokyo, Japan 2006 " UZUMAKUHIROBA ", Park in Minamiaiki, Nagano, Japan (collaborate with Isao Komiya and Tokiko Furuuchi) Official Web: http://www.kazzsasaguchi.com/

Masato Wakabayashi

1965  born in Tokyo, Japan 1984-1985  lived in Los Angeles, U.S.A 1987-1990  lived in Madrid, Spain 1994-1996  lived in London, U.K. 1999-  have been lived in Tokyo, Japan

Academic Background 1997-98  CCA Kitakyushu, Kitakyushu, Japan 1994-95  Chelsea College of Art & Design, MA Sculpture, London
Solo exhibition 2007  Where does the light go ? , Gallery yougen, Tokyo 2000  We are stars, Galarie le Deco, Tokyo 1999  Other Voices, Plan B, Tokyo 1993  Player's Painting, Arte y Solera, Tokyo
 Selected Group Exhibition 2007  Bodycity, Dublin 2004 Mediarena: contemporary art from Japan, The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Zealand 2000 Here Now, Fukuoka City Museum, Hakata 1998 CCA open studio 1996 'Deep Signal' Gasworks, London
'Deep Signal' Collective Gallery, Edinburgh 1995 'Bayer's Earth Art Competition' The Mall Gallery, London  Curated Projects with Saki Satom 2003  Break in Theatre Special, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
  Break in Theatre, Musashino Art University, Tokyo 2002 Break in Theatre, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima
  Break in Theatre, Art Tower Mito, Mito 2001 Break in Theatre, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
  Break in Theatre, Kanagawa Prefectural Hall, Yokohama 2000 Break in Theatre, Gallery Koujimachi, Tokyo
   Selected Performance 2007  Sra.Alhambra, Gallery Yougen, Tokyo 2006 Sra.Alhambra, ANIFERIA, Nakano Zero Hall Tokyo 2002 Sra.Alhambra, Casa de Esperanza, Tokyo 1999 Where does the light go ? Plan B, Tokyo
   Award 1995  First prize of sculpture department, 'Bayer's Earth Art Competition' http://www.masatowakabayashi.com

Toshihiko Furuya

born in Yokohama, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
live in Matsudo, Chiba-ken, Japan
completed the Master-course of Philosophy at Hosei University
lecturer in Meiji University
lecturer in Hosei University
lecturer in Kokushikan University
lecturer in Otsuki City College.1993  "00-collaboration - poetry and fine art -", Sagacho Exhibit Space, Tokyo ; co-operative planning and art works.
"The 2nd International Sound Culture Festival - the Sound of Yurinkan -", Yurinkan, Kiryu ; art works.1994 "Shinjuku Shonen Art", Kabukicho, Tokyo ; art works.
"The 1st Kiryu Yurin Committion Exhibition - Silent Time -", Yurinkan, Kiryu ; planning and art works.
"Izumiwaku Project - School Museum Planning -", Izumi lower secondary school, Tokyo ; art works.1995"M in M Project", Art Forum Yanaka, Tokyo ; art works.
"The 1st Tokyo Committion Exhibition - Key of Naration -", Wakeijuku, Tokyo ; planning and art works.
"Three Aspects Concerning Languages in Art - Neilton Clarke,Toshihiko Furuya,Liu Xu-Quang -", Kawaguchi Museum of Contemporary Art, Kawaguchi ; art works.
"The 2nd Kiryu Yurin Committion Exhibition - gentle spiral - ", Yurinkan, Kiryu ; planning and art works.1996"Sonic Perception 4", Kawasaki City Museum, Kawasaki ; art works, symposium and booklet.1997"The 2nd Tokyo Committion Exhibition - weight of sign - ", planning and art works.1998Solo Exhibition, Lecture, Execution, Demonstration
The rule of gambling about decision of chain-structure (The Miyagi Museum of Art, Sendai)1999Chiba Art Flash 99 (Chiba Citizens Gallery INAGE, Chiba)Exhibition(Kawaguchi Museum of Contemporary Art - Studio, Kawaguchi)Exhibition
The Orbit of the Kawaguchi Museum of Comtemporary Art (Kawaguchi Museum of Contemporary Art - Studio, Kawaguchi)2000Solo Exhibition, Lecture
Sonic Perception 7 (Kawasaki City Museum, Kawasaki)The Experiment concerning Synthesis of Perfect Fixedness (e-mail magazine 'Methode', Internet)2001Amplitude of Chance (Kawasaki City Museum, Kawasaki)2011A solo exhibition“aperiodic crystals"(20202, Tokyo)http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/ha/furuya/indexE.html